A Celebration of Local Taste

Kin Centre · Friday, June 9, 1 pm to 8 pm · Saturday, June 10, 10 am to 6 pm · Sunday, June 11, 10 am to 4 pm

birch_boar.jpgThe BC Gourmet Arts Festival is more than just a culinary event.

It is an assembly point for those who truly value authenticity and personal investment in the celebration of food. A key contributor to this festival is a local gem, Birch & Boar Charcuterie and Provisions.

As a passionate patron, I find this establishment to be a weekly must-visit, and it has remained so ever since it opened its doors. Inspired by the bustling bodegas in the urban hubs of Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Montreal, and more, the co-founder William Miller had a vision.

"We were enamored with the richness of local food ecosystems and aspired to bring their vibrancy to the forefront," he shares.

The team was driven by the urge to see these ecosystems flourish, and it was this passion that led to the birth of Birch & Boar. Incorporating as many local suppliers as possible was a fundamental part of their strategy. This was driven by the desire to uphold the "locally-sourced" mantra that has been gaining momentum in the food industry.

"The taste difference alone justifies our approach. It's so rewarding to see our local farmers sell within a community they pour their hearts into, and watching people appreciate the unique quality that local produce brings," says William. The Birch & Boar story began modestly as a single booth at the local Farmers' Market, manned by a small but dedicated team comprising William, Eoin Foley, Garrett Fedorkiw, and Warren Sunstrum.

"Two of us had honed our skills in a wide array of culinary spaces, from Vancouver to Vegas, while Eoin and Garrett were pioneers in the burgeoning downtown Prince George food scene," William explains. However, their journey has been far from easy. From the typical challenges associated with starting a deli to the unforeseen lockdowns caused by the COVID pandemic and the difficulties in maintaining staffing, Birch & Boar has faced its share of trials.

"Business has been testing in recent years, with an unprecedented number of restaurant closures province-wide due to the pandemic. Unexpected costs, such as gloves, sanitizers, and paper products, have skyrocketed. Shipping prices have surged. We've experienced supply chain issues of all sorts. However, we are fortunate that we placed our bets on local farmers. This meant we didn't have to rely on far-off suppliers. Instead, we could call Martin to make a short drive down the road for us. We are also incredibly grateful to the Prince George community for their unwavering support during those challenging times," says William. Birch & Boar stands as a testament to the thriving culinary scene in Prince George, a scene that is continually growing and evolving.

"Our province often underestimates Prince George's contribution to the culinary and craft sectors," William muses, "Despite this, our craft beer, hot sauces, and local beef find their way into homes and restaurants province-wide. Prince George is a vibrant community of artists, farmers, crafters, food enthusiasts, chefs, and entrepreneurs. I want to see this city celebrated, and for everyone to feel the same pride I do when I stamp "Made in Prince George" on my products." As a proud sponsor of the BC Gourmet Arts Festival, Birch & Boar is not only supplying food for Sunday's Top Taste Competition but also offering a variety of their products on site for sale.